Saturday, June 27, 2020

Masks Are Not the Problem

The other day I was reading a rant on Facebook from someone complaining that people are extremely selfish for not wearing masks.  One of the responses to the post was from someone (I don't know) who replied "I saw someone the other day not wearing a mask, and I just wanted to go over and punch them."  Wow ... really?  People are actually tempted to resort to physical violence over something like wearing a mask?  What does that say about our society's moral core?

I belong to several holistic health Facebook groups, and those who voice their opposition to mask wearing do so because they believe that strengthening the immune system and promoting herd immunity the natural way (without vaccines) is the most effective way to eradicate this virus.  Many of these people have also read the report showing that coronaviruses can induce immune responses against one another, which aids natural herd immunity.  These individuals have also read the medical studies with regard to why masks don't work, several of which can be reviewed here. In essence, their views regarding mask wearing have nothing to do with being selfish at all. Rather, they have everything to do with their alternative views about healthcare in general.  Does this make them terrible people who should be punched?

The real problem here is not mask wearing; it's a heart problem.  There used to be a time when we listened to each other's viewpoints with open minds.  We also were intelligent enough to do our own research, so we could come to our own conclusions.  After doing that, if we still disagreed, we simply agreed to disagree.  We treated each other with respect and didn't feel the need to punch someone who had an opposing view on something.  Why have our hearts become so angry?  Why has our love for one another become so cold?

Finally, there's the issue of freedom.  There is something terrible going on in our country right now that is quickly eroding the freedoms set forth in our constitution.  We are being told what to do, what not to do, where to go, where to stand, and what to believe.  We no longer have the option to disagree or have our own opinion about anything.  Sound familiar?